Graphic design

Check my design work where you will see everything we can work on toghether, for example:

  • developing your brand identity
  • making flyers and invitations
  • social media pieces like highlight covers, feed pieces or designing your feed
  • labels for your products

I worked with many clients, from different worlds and perspectives. 

For me, it’s fun and challenging, meeting myself with the white paper and getting inmersed in a new adventure: the adventure of discovering how can I tell who are you or your brand. This is a great process that helps you more than you think!

Creating a logo, we develop a visual identity, wich you are going to use for comunication, selling and general interaction.

Invitations forcultural events, private events, arts exhibitions, dance, music, classes flyers. 

A flyer is the best way of comunicate and tell a lot of information, just in one piece!

Feed design, graphic pieces design for social media. Highlight covers, avatars, templates.

Label design for products.