Why would I need a website?

There is a spanish song that says ‘the time goes by and we are getting older…’. And I agree. Our skin is getting wrinkled, we have to use new lenses too see better, a hangover is not the same as it was before. The same thing happens with social media and the ways we communicate with eachother. They also get older and change.

That’s why we have to find a way to stay there using channels that don’t change as time goes by.

Social media platforms have their own identity and most of them interfere in your brand/company/organization identity

A website is the best way to introduce ourselves to the clients or the community we want to reach. It’s the best way to say ‘this is me, this is us, this is what we offer. 

And the cherry on top: when someone opens your website, they stay there. Can you remember that cool idea you saw at Instagram about using your cans as pots? Yeah, it’s gone. Unless the algorithm puts it again in your feed.

In your site you decide what to tell, what to show, and HOW you want them to see all of that. 

Check my work!

> Complete website design.

> Branding, visual identity design, logo, color pallette.

> Headers, collage and graphic web content design.

Coderhouse course: Web development – final project

> Website development with HTML and CSS.

> Branding, visual identity design, logo, color pallette.

CLC Composites

> English website translation.

> Multilingual website configuration.

Rulo de viaje

> Online shop developing, products upload.

> General online store settings, payments and shipping settings.

> Different currency settings.